Privacy Policy Statement

The use of this site requires unconditional agreement with the following:

1. User identification

In order to register as a user and create an account, you will be asked for your full name, the location from which one expects to be serviced, the telephone number and the e-mail address. Upon registration, the user consents to the display of his registered name so that it can be searched for and found by a RE / MAX office or agent who wants to contact him / her via the Website. Under no circumstances will the Company ask for information on tax or bank accounts.

2.Privacy Policy

All personal data entered by the User are processed in accordance with Article 7A paragraph 1b of Law 2472/1997. In addition, the Company makes use of your data and e-mail to (i) contact you about properties registered and posted on the Site, (ii) send you newsletters and / or advertisements - preferences as they either have been stated to the Company, or deduced from your navigation options on the Site, (iii) measure Website traffic and user requirements. At any time, each user has the right to access the file maintained by the Company, to correct, delete, block, and oppose the processing of the corresponding data, in accordance with Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997, by sending relevant e-mail at At any time you wish, you have the option to choose whether or not to receive email updates by sending your request to the above email address.

The registration of your personal data means that you consent to such data being used by the Company and its employees for the reasons outlined above. The Company requires its employees to provide Users with the same level of security as it offers. The Company may not share your personal information with others without your prior consent, unless this is required by lawful means.

We note that the Company follows strict rules in the process of collecting information entered by the User. However, data transfer over the Internet is not entirely safe. Although the Company makes every effort to protect your personal data, it cannot guarantee their security over the Internet and any data transfer is at your own risk.

3. Cookies

The Company reserves the right to use cookies to identify the User. When user visit the Site, agrees to create and use them. If the User does not wish to use cookies, he may either disable them or avoid using the Website. It is also possible to delete previously stored cookies from the browser.

Cookies are small text files that stored in the User's browser while browsing the Internet. Cookies do not process user data, but only help to facilitate their access to the Site. The use of cookies allows the Website to recognize the User whenever he revisits it and to offer him a more personalized experience while browsing.

You can configure both the device you use to access the internet and the browser to prevent the creation and storage of cookies. However, deterring cookies may affect your browsing experience and result in incomplete operation of the Site.

4. Changes To This Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify, renew or revise the Privacy Statement whenever it deems it necessary and always in accordance with the customary practices. Modification or renewal will be effective as soon as this text is updated for any change or modification.

This Statement of Privacy is governed by Greek law. In order to resolve any dispute regarding this cause, the courts of Thessaloniki will have sole jurisdiction.