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Panagiotis Depastas

Panagiotis Depastas " 9th best partner of RE/MAX Greece for 2016 " Business experience and education I was born in Athens, Greece in 1962. Since 1975, my family and I relocated to the northern suburbs of the city. After graduating from Anavryta lyceum, I enrolled in the Architectural Department of the Milan Polytechnic University in Italy and obtained a degree in Industrial Design. Since 1992, after having returned to Greece, I have been actively involved in sales of construction related products. I have been employed in various companies, as a sales manager, and I have also participated in seminars as well as professional construction related exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Buying or renting a property which will house our personal and family dreams or a property which will efficiently support our business dream always is a major life decision for every man or woman. Furthermore, our own goals and needs are constantly changing and, as a result, buying, selling or renting a property can become an everyday reality. During 2011, I have been collaborating with RE/MAX Ependisi Akiniton, based in Halandri, one of the northern suburbs of Athens. Our office is one of the top five offices in RE/MAX Greece for 2010 and has been in the top 10 offices in Greece for the past years. I have been offering my expertise as a real estate agent and consultant to people like you. My 20-years experience in the construction industry and sales enables me to be in a position to help each and every one of you whether you're interested in selling, buying or renting a property. Together we can accomplish the best possible results!!!


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